Three Years

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On Wednesday we celebrated three years of marriage. Three years. It has gone by so fast. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday we woke up on a hot, sunny June morning, preparing to join our lives into one. I’m not sure that I have ever really talked much about our wedding day, or the days leading up to it. Maybe I will take the time now, over the next few weeks, to share some of the details.

I wasn’t a fussy bride. Wedding planning was easy for me. Well, as easy as it can be.

I decided on my bridesmaids’ dresses, the type of cake that I wanted, where we would have the ceremony, my flowers, and my colors all within a few weeks. My dress did take a little bit longer. After a wonderful day trip to Knoxville with two of my dear friends, I ended up finding my dress on the hot, musty top floor of a shop just the next town over – that sells clothing and accessories you would see a proper older gentleman wear and intricately decorated sweaters like to be found on ladies of the same age.

As much as I love all those details, the part that really mattered was seeing our families celebrating together. There was so much fun and joy and happiness. That is the detail I really remember the most about that day.

wedding portraitSomething happens at weddings. You gain this new family that immediately takes you in as their own. You gain sisters and brothers. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Sometimes you haven’t even met these people before but they don’t care. They are there to celebrate you and love you.

wedding, dress, sister in law

wedding, ring barer, sister in lawMichael and I are very lucky that we were both born into families full of love. We have never questioned that someone supports us and cares for us. More than anything, I will carry this on in our house.

Wedding, brother, sister in law, brother in lawOur family will never doubt the love we have for them.



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