Three Years

On Wednesday we celebrated three years of marriage. Three years. It has gone by so fast. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday we woke up on a hot, sunny June morning, preparing to join our lives into one. I’m not sure that I have ever really talked much about our wedding day, or […]

A Look Back: Pre-Wedding Events

I celebrated my second wedding anniversary this week and I wanted to share a few pictures as we look back on our special day. Today I was really touched when looking at pictures from the hours before, while we were getting ready and praying. The last picture is momma and I holding hands in the […]

My Quilted Wedding Cake

When I was planning my wedding there were some things that I already knew I wanted. I didn’t even think about the alternatives. One of those was my wedding cake. I knew that I wanted a quilted wedding cake. There may be another name for it but that was the best way I could describe […]

The Budget Savvy Bride

I am so excited to tell you that our wedding is featured on The Budget Savvy Bride today! I met Jessica as an undergraduate at the University of Tennessee. We were both in the graphic design program at the time. Jessica is one of those people that you meet and know immediately that she means […]