A Casual Ruffle Hem Tee

I have spent a lot of time lusting after the peplum tee trend lately but I keep thinking it wouldn’t be a good fit for me. Being as short as I am, I thought a peplum would look boxy or squatty on me. That was until I saw this shirt and it totally changed my […]

Handmade is Beautiful

Recently, my love for crocheting, sewing, and the like has reached a new level. There is just something so beautiful about handmade items. Receiving a handmade item means you are getting something no one else has. In a culture that is so materialistic and consumer driven, it can be refreshing to own something that wasn’t […]

Fancy Wooden Planters My Husband Made

I want to take a minute and really brag on M. In the process of updating and renovating our home, he has taught himself many new skills that he has been able to put to use on other projects. Recently, M built this incredible new planter for my dad’s birthday in April. I had no […]