All the Books We Cannot Read

I have a never ending stack of books to read. Sometimes I wish that I could be a professional reader (is that a thing?) just so I can read all these amazing books. Anyone else feel like this? It’s like FOMO but with books. I may not be able to get to them all but […]

Firefly Lane Book Review

I have recently made it a priority to spend more time reading. The large stack of books I snagged at the used book sale fundraiser has been dying me from the lonely, dusty bookshelf across the room. I finally decided to pay them the attention they deserve. I started with Firefly Lane. I just want […]

What I’m Reading: May 2014

I finished The Girl Who Played with Fire recently. It was incredible. About halfway through I remember thinking that it was really good but not quite as good as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. By the time I got to the end I had completely changed my mind. Either book was necessarily better than […]

My Book Sale Score

I mentioned the other day that I snagged a bunch of books for a fraction of their original cost at a local book sale the other day. Not only is it great that I (and many others) were able to walk away with an armload of books for almost nothing but the book sale was […]

$5 Finds

Have I ever told you how much M likes Tractor Supply? Because he does. He loves it actually. I have to say I like to go in there with him. In the spring they have cute little chicks and for the most part they have fairly useful items. They also have good candy. We stopped […]