My Rainbow Sandals: Twelve Years Later

brown leather rainbowsIsn’t it funny the things we carry with us? I bought my first and only pair of Rainbow Sandals as a sophomore in college. All my sorority sisters had them and I just had to have a pair too. Yes, I was a little unsure about spending $50 on a pair of sandals but I just HAD to have them. They were so perfect and everyone else had them!

Twelve years later and I am still wearing those same sandals. They have  been my go-to sandals every summer through college and beyond. The thread recently started to come loose on one of the straps and the thought finally occurred to me that it might be time for a new pair. And now I’m back to the same dilemma as before – can I really pay $50 for a pair of sandals?

It is actually kind of amazing that they have only gone up in price a few dollars in the last decade. I guess I will spend the next month obsessing over whether or not to spend the money before abruptly making the decision one way or the other.  Do you have a favorite pair of sandals that you just absolutely, cannot live without? Tell me your favorites!


  1. Christina says:

    Any time I’m trying to decide on spending a good amount on clothes or accessories, I figure out the cost per wear and see if it justifies the cost. In the case of Rainbows, I say YES. The worst part is breaking them in but after that, they’re worth every single penny.

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