Handmade is Beautiful

handmade jam crochet infinite scarfRecently, my love for crocheting, sewing, and the like has reached a new level. There is just something so beautiful about handmade items. Receiving a handmade item means you are getting something no one else has. In a culture that is so materialistic and consumer driven, it can be refreshing to own something that wasn’t made in a factory.

As much as I love giving handmade presents, I love receiving them as well. For Christmas, my sister-in-law sent two jars of jam she made, anya apricot and wild  plum & strawberry, along with a cowl neck scarf. While talking to my brother a few days before, and not knowing the presents I had coming, I told him one of the reasons I love his wife is that she appreciates handmade things. She puts so much thought and time into making things for other people.

It is important to uphold our traditions and continue to use the skills taught to us by our grandparents and our parents. My dad has a blanket that was crocheted by his grandmother. It is a cherished memory that he holds very dear to his heart. Everyone should be able to feel that way. Everyone should feel that love and know the tradition of their heritage.

I hope that one day, my husband will pass down the blanket I made for him to our children. And I hope they will cherish it knowing that I made it as a gift for their father.

On a more basic level, it is beautiful to see the skills and trades found here in our country. The south has a strong history of artists known for their woodworking, jewelry making, quilting and sewing, and much more. Knowing that fills me with such pride. Am I the only one who thinks that is beautiful? Maybe I am just an old soul.


  1. I could NOT agree more! My dad has become an incredible woodworker over the past decade, and handmade gifts from him just make my day. My grandmother also knits… and she recently made me the best small infinity scarf ever. It’s black, and perfect to wear all day everyday when I’m chilled. I love it to pieces, and love knowing she made it just for me.

  2. I’m the same way. I asked for canning tools for Christmas because I want to learn. My MIL thought I was crazy but she still obliged. Learning to crochet is on my list too. Handmade is so special.

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