Food Aversions


I haven’t had a very good relationship with food lately. I don’t mean that I hate food and don’t like eating. That’s not the case at all. There are just times when I can’t bring myself to eat certain things. Or I just get tired of food. Like absolutely nothing sounds appetizing.

This is completely different from how I normally feel about food. I am not picky at all and love to try new foods. A lot of new foods. I rarely remember a time in my life, prior to the last six months, that I wouldn’t choose to run an extra mile over sacrificing eating something that tastes good. Cooking, eating out, snacking, I love all food.

My food aversions don’t even have a consistent theme. Sometimes I get freaked out by the texture of everything. Other times it is the taste. Until perhaps a week ago, anything with sucralose or splenda made me sick to my stomach. The thing I’ve had the most problem with is meat. Especially beef but even chicken. It is beyond just not craving it, I completely can’t stand the thought of eating it.

This has been a progressive thing happening over the last six months or so. Some days I’m completely fine. Other times, the only thing I can consume without gross thoughts is coffee. And water of course. The only other thing that has changed in the last six months is an increase in running.

Has anyone else experienced this? Am I a total weirdo? (Probably.)


  1. I definitely get in moods where nothing sounds good. The more tired and hungry I am, the more it seems to happen – but I’m definitely not running! :-) Happy Friday!

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