Fiscal Friday: The Real Cost Of A Free Puppy

the real cost of a free puppyIt is Fiscal Friday and I have something on my mind. Have you ever seen a flier that says something along the lines of “Free Puppies” or “Puppies: Free to a Good Home”? So, yeah. About that.

A free puppy is never really free. 

Do you remember when I wrote about this furry little puppy that showed up in our house? Well, he was “free”. We honestly were only supposed to foster him until he found a home. It is now over 2 months later and it looks like he is here to stay. Gunner is dog number three so I pay close attention to how much these boogers cost me.

Here is a quick run down of how much a new puppy costs:

  • Puppy shots (round 1): $58
  • Puppy shots (round 2): $54
  • Puppy shots (round 3 – projected cost): $50
  • Food – 23 pound bag (lasts about 3 weeks, we’re on bag number 3): $30
  • Flea treatment (4 treatments in a box): $60
  • Crate: $150*
  • Bed: $30
  • Dog bowl: $5
  • Treats: $15
  • Collar: $7
  • Leash: $8
  • Harness (he has already outgrown it): $13
  • Training classes (6 week puppy class at Petsmart): $109
  • Things I’m not even including: All the paper towels, cleaning products, and washed blankets (laundry detergent/utility bills) from accidents and potty training. Old blankets and towels we dug out to use in his crate.

So looking at the list above we are at a whopping $649. $649!

This free puppy cost $649.

So did I miss anything? Is there anything you would add to the list of what you have to spend when you bring a puppy home?

*We bought ours from a close-out warehouse. I used the price that Petsmart has listed online for the size of our crates for a more realistic representation of the costs.

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  1. Our pup was a planned-for gift four years ago, and while she has her fair share of expenses, I’ve managed to keep costs down by couponing to buy her food and treats – that helped a lot. We also groom her ourselves even though she has high-maintenance long hair. Every little bit helps – but I’d be lost without her, that’s for sure!


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