Three Years

On Wednesday we celebrated three years of marriage. Three years. It has gone by so fast. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday we woke up on a hot, sunny June morning, preparing to join our lives into one. I’m not sure that I have ever really talked much about our wedding day, or […]

A Look Back: Pre-Wedding Events

I celebrated my second wedding anniversary this week and I wanted to share a few pictures as we look back on our special day. Today I was really touched when looking at pictures from the hours before, while we were getting ready and praying. The last picture is momma and I holding hands in the […]

My Quilted Wedding Cake

When I was planning my wedding there were some things that I already knew I wanted. I didn’t even think about the alternatives. One of those was my wedding cake. I knew that I wanted a quilted wedding cake. There may be another name for it but that was the best way I could describe […]

Southern Living Weddings

Imagine my glee when I came home and found this pretty in my mailbox the other day! Why yes, that is the new Southern Living Weddings!  I wanted to show you a few little sneak peaks of this sweet treat. Yes, I do in fact want a few things on that page.  In addition to […]

Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down

My daddy and I danced to a song written by a friend of my brother at my wedding.  “Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down” by Robinella and the CC Stringband Dressed in cotton ready for bed I ask my dad to kiss my head Daddy thanks for loving me Now I’m tired and I’m going […]