My Rainbow Sandals: Twelve Years Later

Isn’t it funny the things we carry with us? I bought my first and only pair of Rainbow Sandals as a sophomore in college. All my sorority sisters had them and I just had to have a pair too. Yes, I was a little unsure about spending $50 on a pair of sandals but I […]

May Books

I am one of those people that always carries a notebook with me wherever I go. I use one at work, have one that I write blog stuff in, and usually another one that I carry to write notes, reminders, etc. I know in this day and age most people just use the notepad on […]

The Perfect Little Gold Necklace

You know that necklace that you wear over and over again? But you never seem to grow tired of it? It seems to go with just about everything so why would you wear something different? I have two of those necklaces. One is the monogram pendant that M gave me for Christmas last year. The […]

Gold Stationery From Target Dollar Spot

I never seem to have a shortage of stationery. I just can’t help myself. I just somehow manage to come home from the store with it. Besides the fact that I love pretty paper, I think it is the perfect way to keep in touch with friends. Who doesn’t love getting a little card in […]

My 2014 Sugar Paper Planner

One of my favorite things about starting a new year is picking out a new planner. Like many people, I write my whole life in my planner. Junior League meetings, work meetings, doctor appointments, birthdays, and more are all written in my planner. Judging by what I see on social media, I’m not the only […]