All the Books We Cannot Read

I have a never ending stack of books to read. Sometimes I wish that I could be a professional reader (is that a thing?) just so I can read all these amazing books. Anyone else feel like this? It’s like FOMO but with books.

all the light we cannot see

I may not be able to get to them all but I do my fair share of reading. And today I’m cleaning out my bookshelves and taking everything to a local used bookstore. Before I let my books go, here’s my quick (really quick) review of some that stuck out to me.

Anything I should add to my to-read list?

All the Light We Cannot See – Currently reading. I like it so far but I’ll report back when I’m finished.

In a Dark, Dark Wood – SO good. Why have you not read this yet? Run! Go read it now!

The Vacationers – This one too – so good!

The Last Breath – This one was written by a woman who grew in my hometown and is set in this area.

The First Phone Call from Heaven – I really like Mitch Albom books. This one was a quick read but was a little different than his normal style.

The Hunger Games – Yes, I was late to the bandwagon on these books. I read all three in a week.

Catching Fire – See above.

Mockingjay – See above.

Far Outside the Ordinary – Sad. Heartfelt. A little strange.

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